MacBook Pro A1706 Screen Replacement

Hey everybody we’re back here at PC 911 with a MacBook Pro A1706 broken screen in need of a screen replacement. First, I took out the back panel by removing 6 screws and using 2 suction cups to pull up on the panel to unclip the clips holding it down. And it came up pretty easily. From here I disconnected the battery, to get to it I peeled a black tape covering the flex and removed it being careful to not rip any flex right underneath. Lifting the flex on top I saw a screw which I removed letting us disconnect the battery cable. I covered the battery connector with some tape so the battery does not re-connect. From there we unscrewed all of the screws on the antenna. Once every screw is out the antenna will be loose and I proceeded to disconnect the flex that connects the board to the LCD. From here I had to disconnect 3 cables that connect the antenna to the board and remove a screw there too once it all is disconnected, I wiggled it a little bit until the antenna came out. On the hinges, I took the screws out leaving one on both sides and opened up the screen all the way, and lifted it up. With the new screen, I open the hinges all of the ways and placed it back onto the mount and then screwed the screwed one screw on both sides. I closed the screen and started putting the antenna back on, I started by feeding the cables back through the hole that we brought them out from. I pulled them in all of the ways and connected them were they go. I plugged in the LCD flex and I screwed everything back in, the plates and screws. Then I lightly screwed in the screws on the hinge and opened the screen closed it back and tightened them back all of the ways. I removed the tape I had placed on the battery connector and connected the battery and placed that screw that goes there back, and placed the flex on the top back as well and sealed it with the black tape that goes over it. I then cleaned the back panel and placed it in clipped it and screwed in the remaining screws, from here I opened the screen and ran an LCD check. With everything looking good the replacement was a success. And that’s what’s going on today at PC 911.