Stealth Malware Hides

Here is a quick video to show you something about viruses that most people are not familiar with. Here’s a Dell the customer just brought it in because he was having problem with his Wi-Fi disconnecting. According to him no other problems. I actually looked at programs installed but it didn’t look like it was you know junked up. Other browsers were working while I had a connection. So we went ahead and we just basically uninstalled and reinstalled the Wi-Fi drivers. Then if that actually doesn’t work then we’ll check the physical – the Wi-Fi card. We use a software here, – D7. When it starts off it’s just like a quick check so I just wanted to show you that.

Zero Acess Rootkit

This has a ZeroAccess root kit and that’s malware. The point that I’m trying to show you here is that not all viruses are visible. Some of them are going pop up and bug you to buy something. Like call them and do something like that so they can make money. Others just want to be in your computer, they want to be invisible and they are doing other things, maybe they are phoning home like ET.

Sending information, maybe you are a part of what’s called a Botnet which is your computer is being used to send emails, to attack other computers all kinds of crazy stuff or these type of things that these hidden viruses do. So even though your computer is running 100% fine you do need a good anti-virus, a good internet security. This actually has two anti-viruses on it so check this out. This has Security Essentials which in my opinion is the next best to having nothing, almost like nothing and it has Avast which is pretty decent, I’m surprised Avast will allow this one to run or hasn’t picked it up. Again, the Avast that this one has is the free Avast I’m sure if it was the premium or the paid version anyone of the paid versions it probably would have picked this up. So points we’re making:

  1. Have an anti-virus the paid version, a good quality anti-virus to hopefully prevent this
  2. Just because you’re not seeing pop-ups doesn’t mean your computer is safe

Recommended Solution

Of course the ultimate solution that we recommend that I personally recommend is if you’re going to use the Internet you a Linux computer. We have them here, we have dual boot operating systems which means you have the best of both worlds. You have your Windows for all your Windows software and we all know that there’s a lot software out there if you’re looking for any software it’s going to be on Windows. For you anything local, QuickBooks, iTunes I mean any of those kind of things but once you get on the Internet, the best way to surf the Internet, get email and not worry about any viruses, pop-ups, root kits none of that you want to use Linux and you can get one right here at PC 911 computer repair in Miami.

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