Hey guys. Here is a video for you on a Mac with some malware. Lets show you some tips on how to remove some of the simple ones. This is a unit that we actually sold to a customer. Within like 3 days he came back saying that he had pop ups and all that kind of stuff. So the good part for us that is able to show when we go through an application folder you take a look at things by date and see where he bought the computer which is here on the 14th and then after that and see what got installed on there. There is a program here called MyShopMate a software updater. Mac keeper and mega backup. So basically it is the programs there the ones that are creating the problem with the popups and the browsers.

I am going to go through a couple of different cleanups and your situation might be a little bit different. So just pick up what we go through and what applies and what doesn’t apply maybe next time. Just to [01:15] that you’ll be seeing this more and more.

So what I am going to start here with not because it should the first but just because it is one of the software. That is going to probably pull some of this out. Grab any special configuration or hidden files as well from this. So don’t follow this necessarily in this order. We are going to use malwarebytes which probably one of the most recognized or the most recognized malware removable tool. We have it on a flash but you can go and research it online. Just make sure that you are at their site so I’m going to install that.

It runs super fast and it usually gets a hold of you saw the [02:12] of malware and didn’t you [02:15] like four. I’m sure it is not going to be a big issue of. Let’s just go and crank that. Go to our application folder and if we go up here it should be in there.

Just go through the motions here. Password it is going to upload any updates and this is a super quick scan, runs really fast. So it go through the list of all the stuff it finds. you get the mega backup there, you got the mackeeper. Cross rider genius. Some things are not in the application folder and it goes in and pulls out everything. From the libraries and all those folders that you man me you would have to go in there.

You still the man you got to go in there and take a look but this is just to make it as simple as possible so we are just going to remove that. It is going to ask you to do a restart and then to run it again so I am going to pause this and come back when we get that restart and then we are going rerun it again.

So here we are back and we are just going to run that scan again see if it comes back clean. We have ran this scan and sometimes we just couldn’t get everything out of it we got something that is really stubborn [05:05] malwares. Sometimes it won’t get them out you have to go manually. And get them out or have to go from a secondary operating system or something like that. We’re not expecting that in this case, we actually take a look at the application to see if they are there just pull them right out. If that’s the case you shouldn’t be watching this and saying I don’t need a tech to clean my computer I’ll just run that real quick.

Sometimes that the case but 8/10 its not, so that came back clean and if we go to this is basically telling me o got a new updated version which we can do later but we are not going to do that now just for [05:57] first saving some time. So we go back here and we go once again to the apps actually they’re all gone running that app is more easier than going through the application folder removing them than going back through the libraries and finding all remnants and folders and files that it leaves behind.

That was easy frankly. So we go to the browser and see if there is anything left over. As far as I get browsers I don’t think so. Here we are all opening up in Chrome that looks clean. We are going to take a look at those extensions. Go into settings and see if there are any extensions in there and I don’t expect anything in there…looks clean and then we are going to do the same with Safari and we take a look at that. Do a little search see what that comes up with, we got Yahoo there as a search engine which is a default there.

We might have some extensions here let’s go back to this home page, go to preferences. Here we have this home page if you noticed that home page that opened up kind of looked like Google. But it wasn’t so something changed this home page but you don’t want that. Put something of your choice but search shp is not something that you want, that’s something that’s guiding you and taking you and lead you to your sites and then when you clean it monetize you from ads and stuff like that.

So here basically this is going to make Google.com put your preferred homepage there and reset that. It kind of looks okay. We would like to take a look at extensions and there’s none. From the looks of it  the software that was installed and a homepage that changed everything else looks okay.

This is a quick video, let’s close it and let’s try it again and see what we got. We got our Google homepage and we have a tab and a video. That’s pretty much it as far as this is concerned. We are going to do a couple of other things. We are going to check the hard drive and do some other miscellaneous. Just wanted to show you the power of malware bytes for Mac and PC.

Sometimes it’s a bit of a trouble guess. It did save the day for this client so for other tips stay tuned, subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching.
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