Hey everybody, I got couple of quick tips for you on buying a new laptop. I have people from time to time ask me, I need to buy a computer, what do you recommend? Now, the less you know about computers, the easier it is to answer that question. The more you know about computers, the more difficult it is. There are so many different options operating systems etc. Sometimes I get complicated trying to answer to that question for a customer. I think they leave more confused than when they walked in. In this scenario, I am going to try to make this 123-simple tips for going shopping for a laptop; Using a typical person that will be going online and doing basic stuff; So if you need a specialty operating system or something of that sort this will not apply to you.

  1. First, look for is the processor (C.P.U.) We suggest Intel. I am not knocking AMD; I would stay with the core series being an i3, which is the entry level in the core series. There is an i5 and then there is an i7. There is no i4 and i6 so that’s basically the way they set that up. An i3 would be my entry point Intel i3.
  2. Typically with that alone you could do a little bit of shopping. There isn’t an i3 with 2Gb of RAM and a turbo hard drive. It’s a piece of junk and pretty much that’s not going to happen; so your typical i3 is going to have 4Gb of RAM. That is the entry point as far as Random Access Memory (RAM) not the hard drive. Nowadays 4Gb is the minimum and that’s what you’re going to get but if you can get 6 or 8 all the better.
  3. Last but not least the other thing you are going to look at is the hard drive in this scenario here you are probably going to see 500 Gb and a terabyte. Most people nowadays are not storing a lot of things on their computers anymore so much cloud and online content that we are consuming content versus storing content. So that’s going to be the last case scenario somebody might sell you a terabyte drive more and likely you are not going to fill up a terabyte not even a 500 Gb so I would not really worry about that.

This is going to be a quick 1-2-3 on how to shop for computer. You need to setup a budget of how much you want to invest. Whether 5, 6, 7, 8 because that is going to guide you as to whether you go i3, i5 or i7. Again, go with an Intel, go with the Core series i3, i5, i7 depending on the price or your budget. Make sure you get 4 Gb of RAM or 6 or 8 depending on your budget even better. Do not worry so much about the hard drive another thing about the hard drive if you have a budget probably over $500/$600 in that range you may find laptops with SSD Drives.

SSD drive is a flash drive/thumb drive there is no spinning disk. It is way faster with tremendous performance gains with this type of drives they are like twice as much. You might find a computer with a SSD but 250 GB or 120 GB so if you see an expensive computer a small hard drive that is going to tell you that it’s an SSD drive. If you don’t need a lot of storage and have a budget over $500 to find a computer that is going to have this type of drive. It is definitely worth the investment that’s my 1-2-3 I hope that helps. Thanks for watching.

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