Lenovo Yoga 2 Laptop Keyboard Repair

Hey guys, welcome back we are working here today on a Lenovo Yoga 2 13 inch laptop keyboard repair. It Had some glitches on it so we ordered a keyboard right here. I think whoever ordered this keyboard kind of jumped the gun. When we got into this, we went to pull up a tutorial just to kind of get some tips. Not every tech knows every computer. We couldn’t find any videos. What’s going on with that? Well, when we looked a little deeper we got a sense of why we didn’t find a video. There are no screws holding down this keyboard. It has these plastic little rivets, so that’s telling you that it wasn’t really designed to be taken out; but over here at PC 911 we are going to take care of this.

Finding a replacement

So we looked online and we found that there’s a lot of keyboards for sale. That kind of threw us off a little bit. When you do a search for a tutorial and don’t find something; you want to take a second thought and think why is that? What threw us off was that there was a lot keyboards for sale. Most likely, they are relying on technicians not doing their home work; only to realize that they are going to get into a big headache by getting into this machine.

We are going to be bursting out this little rib bits and re-attaching them. If all goes well, this will probably be the only video online for this. So expect to be helping out anybody looking for this video. If it works; it will be a great video to show you; if it doesn’t work; maybe we will still post it to warn you not to try this at home. Thanks for watching.

Continuing from where we left off

Hey everybody, we are back over here with this Lenovo. We didn’t record everything that we were doing.  I didn’t record what we actually did and now I am thinking of people out there saying what finally happened. It is not a full tutorial. I want to post this just to give an explanation how it turned out. Primarily because there is no video out there or I didn’t find any.

I was heading out and took a look at the previous video and said I got to post something up. We completely ripped out the back plate that you saw in the prior video, then under that you got the keyboard. The keyboard is riveted on to little plastic rivets; so we ripped that out. Basically, everything just ripped out.

This was either going to work or we were going to be in deep! Especially because we didn’t find too many palm rest. The good part about it is that everything in there is so tight. Even, if you don’t get this riveted back; it still feels good.

Replacing the keyboard continued…

I am going to show you the feel of it as well but either way this side of the keyboard we didn’t use any glue or anything like that. This one we just placed it, we put some double-sided tape on it again, the one that is in the computer and we put the metal plate. What we did with the metal plate I used this $5 glue gun don’t laugh because it works. We considered doing super glue or something like that you might want to try different options on your own. I used this just a regular glue gun and I think this is the first time I have ever used this so it kind of worked out.
The reason being I used it on a small section and it doesn’t seep into any areas. If it needs to be taken apart again its peel-able, it dries quick and it made a pretty good bond. So what we did was on the other side we went around the whole metal border. I went dabs right on the rib bits and then around the whole border, it felt pretty solid. The other thing about this computer is there are a lot of screws that goes on the motherboard that the hard drive holds the motherboard in place. All that is really tight so it has a good feel to it.

Things to note

So I want to show you I mean of its something for you or even a client it came out pretty good. You see it is pretty even at one point.  I thought it was going to be sunk in a little bit. But is came out out it’s pretty good. I will show you some of the movement here…it is pretty solid. So just take our word for it, it was probably hard to do or see on this video terrible video. But just want to give you the word that if you got a Yoga 2 this is not the pro.

If you don’t know what you’re doing I would seriously reconsider this repair. Because you got to rip the back cover off of the keyboard, then the keyboard and then you will have to glue it down. There was really no other way that I could think of.

Again, we used some hot glue, you might want to try some super glue if you have a problem it creates a mess. Also, it seeps even if you use gel it is still kind of messy. So hope that helps anybody out there, thanks for watching.

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