All-in-One Quick Tip

Hey guys what’s up. Welcome back to what’s going on at PC 911. I’ve been out of touch but we’re getting back in touch. So here we’re taking a look at this all-in-one touchscreen and I just want to show you some quick ways to check one of these. Maybe you’re buying one off of somebody or somebody replacing the part which is what we’re doing here.

Finding dead pixels

You know some of the times they’ll have like little glitches. I’m going to show you how to do that. The example here is the easiest example. Same thing you were doing and a bonus. Highlight and grab one of these. Grab that icon and you can just move it around. That’ll tell you if there’s any dead spots. Pretty much you know if it moves it if it jumps off of your finger that means there’s that dead spot and this one does have a dead spot. That’s why I’m doing this video so you can kind of see. I’m gonna scroll up here and you saw there how we lost it and that’s because there’s a little dead spot right there in the center. That’s one way to check.

Another way to check

The other way is just you with your finger. If you follow my finger there you can see that line and as soon as it hits that dead spot. So here I can do this but if I try to go up you see how I lost it there and then it catches again so boom. But when I go down it dies so I’m gonna go down right there on that top third dies out. See so here we can go far as you want up down but as soon as you go there it’s dead. The other thing is if you find a spot fine there’s a little spot if you go up and down you’ll find that spot right there. You see the “-” that’s where it has the little flaw so it’s got you know not a big deal. It’s only if you just tap right on that spot that you’re gonna get that. You know that scenario but so that’s a little way for you to check your screen.

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