iMac upgrade to and SSD

Hey guys, want to show you what’s going on over here today at PC911. We have a Macbook here which we are replacing the hard drive. Nothing was wrong with the hard drive this customer just wants more [...]

Boot camp installation on a MacBook

Hey everybody, welcome back to PC911. I’ll show you what we working on today. This is a Macbook Pro and this customer is running what is called a dual operating system. She is running obviously her OS 10 [...]

Macbook Pro Motherboard Diagnostic

Troubleshooting a Mac I’ve got a good video for you here if you have a Mac and you’re having some problems. I’m going to show you what we do here. When you got a Mac, this Mac was [...]

Macbook SSD upgrade

Speed up your computer with an SSD hard drive I want to show you something you can do to speed up your computer. Here we’re working on an older MacBook that still ticks and still runs well. Basically, [...]

Macbook hard drive check

Checking a Mac hard drive I want to show you here I’m working on a Mac. Lately, we have been getting a lot more Macs in for malware and bad hard drives. I have done quite a few [...]


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