Stealth Malware may be on your computer

Stealth Malware Hides Here is a quick video to show you something about viruses that most people are not familiar with. Here’s a Dell the customer just brought it in because he was having problem with his Wi-Fi [...]

Windows malware removal

Talking about malware removal Hi everybody, welcome back to PC 911 computer repair. Today I want to talk to you about malware removal. You’re probably saying what does that mean? Is that like a virus? Well, kind of [...]

Windows Pop Up – Clean Up

What are pop-ups? Hi everybody, today I want to talk to you about pop ups. What is a pop up? Well, if you have a Windows computer and you are using the Internet you know exactly what I’m [...]

More Mac Malware

A Mac with Malware I’ve got a Mac with malware here and this is more and more common. Nowadays, I remember about 2 years ago I’d probably see a Mac with an infection, virus or a pop-up. Probably [...]


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